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Why choose us

Neil and his team have years of experience in all areas of tree surgery. They understand the effects and impact tree work can have to the tree and it’s environment.
Here are a few more reasons you should choose us:
  • Over 35 years experience, serving Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  • Our team are all fully qualified, professional and friendly.
  • For your absolute peace of mind we have both public and employer insurances.
  • We offer FREE quotations and advice.
  • Our work is of the highest standard, your tree(s) will look great and stay healthy in the future.
  • We work safely and cleanly at all times.
  • We help you recognise and identify problems that your trees may be causing and then offer cost effective solutions.
  • All arising are removed from site, to be recycled into logs and woodchip. We are happy to leave on site if you prefer.
  • Any diseased trees will be taken away and disposed of responsibly to stop any spread of disease, these will not be used for woodchip or logs.

Do I need a tree surgeon?

Here are some common reasons to call in experts in tree work.


Dead wooding

As trees mature, deadwood accumulates from broken branches and die back. Dead wooding is used to make the tree safer. It promotes health, encourages growth and also improves the look of the tree.

Crown reductions, raising and thinning

These are all techniques to reduce size and density of the tree crown reducing the weight of the limbs making tree more stable in high winds, and enhancing light around tree. In the case of fruit trees this will allow for light and space between branches making it easier to pick fruit.

Felling and dismantling

Sectional: To remove tree(s) in restricted space, small sections are cut and the tree is carefully dismantled to reduce risk of damage to any structures (patios, pavements, drives, plants etc.) We use ropes, rigging and cranes to ensure controlled and safe lowering of timber to the ground.

Straight: To fell tree in one, where space is plentiful and no structures present. We use ropes, rigging and wedges for safety and to control the fall.

Stump grinding

Tree stumps can be trip hazards and unsightly. We can grind the stump down below ground level making the are safe or to allow for re-turfing lawn, fence, driveways etc.

Shaping and pruning

All small trees and shrubs can be reduced in size as appropriate. We can prune trees creating symmetry and balance making them more pleasing to the eye.

Tree surveys/Insurance reports/Tree preservation orders (TPO’s)

When a tree or trees cause concern to insurers, mortgage providers, property developers, surveyors etc. To evaluate the condition of trees and their effects on surrounding properties. A detailed survey report will be carried out on the trunk density and root system to identify any problem/disease or effect of any local earthworks etc. Steps to take to improve quality of trees and suggested options.

We can advise on applications for trees covered under TPO’s or conservation area restrictions.

OR for a fee we can complete the tree work application and submit to the local authority for permission to works on trees covered by TPO’s on your behalf from start to finish.


Additional services include:


Topping  To reduce in height i.e To allow for light and to render safer.

Pollarding  To cut tree back hard to trunk, usually back to previous pollarded knuckle.

Reduce width  Where tree is encroaching i.e. too close to property.

Forest maintenance  Removing specified poor species and clearing excessive brambles etc. Thinning woodland and making safe hanging branches.

Garden clearance  Removal of trees and shrubs in overgrown and out of control gardens/ yards, to prepare land for landscaping.

Planting  We will supply and plant as appropriate most species of tree and shrub.

Hedging  To reduce height and width of hedges where appropriate.

Supply of woodchip/seasoned logs  Provide woodchip for woodland pathways and mulch for a soil supplement to help retain moisture to soil.